Extractigator - english version

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Extractigator is a phenomenal and indispensable tool for those who want to fight invasive species or want to thin out the growth of trees, shrubs and other vegetation.
It can not be done easier, faster and more efficiently than with an Extractigator.

It is available in three sizes.
– Junior is good for smaller growth of trees with an age of approx. 1 to 3 years.
It is small, light and handy. 5 kg.
– Classic is for somewhat older trees with a diameter at the base up to approx. 5 cm. Slightly heavier at nearly 6 kg. but with far greater effect.
– Big Daddy pulls up trees with a diameter at a base of up to almost 8 cm. It can be heavy to lug around, with its barely 9 kg. but is in turn a bit of an “elephant” in traction. It has a three-stage transmission that optimizes the torque significantly.
– The BigFoot accessory is a really good supplement. Not always necessary, but really annoying to miss when needed.
BigFoot is easy to mount and dismount and fits all three models.

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